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Slag Dart Dispatching Machine (Robot for Slag Dart Insertion)

1. Operating the Slag Dart Dispatching Machine
The slag dart machine is a special device used for optimizing the production of basic oxygen furnace steelmaking. It improves the quality of the steel by reducing the slag mixed into the ladle and reducing the loss of ferroalloy.

When the converter releases the molten steel, the device puts a slag dart into the tap hole to prevent the liquid slag mix into the ladle.

After the machine completes the whole process, there is a significant reduction of slag mixed in the ladle, and by reducing the alloy consumption, steelmaking process along with economical advantage is highly improved.

Figure 1 YTD-type Slag Stopping Plug Dispatching Machine set
1. Driving System
2. Integrated Junction Box
3. Cantilever Rod System
4. Counter Weight
5. Centering Lock Device
6. Power Supply System
7. Vehicle-Mounted Hydraulic Port
8. Protection System
9. Operating Console
10. Electronic Control System

2. Technical Features
The Slag Dart Dispatching Machine is an integration of both mechanical and electrical.
The operating design is totally accord to ergonomic principles.
Capable of effective measures; adaptive to high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, efficient slag blocking, accurate positioning and operational reliability.
Precise position control and error control guarantees the hit accuracy of the dart rod.

Automatic and manual features are set to cope with accidents in case of emergency treatment; even loss of power in the most serious case, the machine can take advantage of their own performance, manual release of the dart; the cantilever automatically lift hydraulic load; the mechanical system movement, makes the cantilever rod safe to quit the converter.

Cantilever rod with an independent air cooling system; avoids body movements where it automatically reduces the air flow, in case the main components has vulnerability to unreliable defects.

Considering the personnel and equipment safety measures, the body and the gear are set for heat, splash protection.

3.Period of commissioning works:
Within 7 days after installation is complete.

4. Packing:
To be packed in standard packing, suitable for long distance ocean transportation and well protected against damage, moisture, shock, rust.

5. Warranty:
The seller shall guarantee that equipments are completely brand-new and shall conform to the technical main specification. The mechanical guarantee of machinery & equipment shall be 12 months from the installation in case the commissioning can not be carried out due to buyer’s reason. During the guarantee period, if the accessory(ies) of equipment(s) is/are damaged, due to the buyer’s insufficient maintenance, improper operation of the equipment, the seller will replace or repair it at buyer’s charge, while if the said damages are due to faults in designs and workmanship, seller will replace or repair it at his own cost.

6. Guarantee
We guarantee the dispatching hit rate >98%, it can clamp the slag dart and insert accurately slag dart into the tapping hole. Accordingly, slag dart‘s stopping slag success rate shall be improved.

On the basis of ensuring slag dart application machine’s dispatching hit rate, slag dart’s stopping slag success rate can reach up to more 96%, It is 96% that slag quantity in 1 ton liquid steel is less than 1.5kg, the rest 3% is 1.5kg-3.0kg.(except furnace mouth slag or Ladle slag with itself ) We can ensure above data, but our slag dart must be used.

7. Installation:
It includes the following phases:
-Positioning of the equipment in conformity with the plant layout;
-Possible unpacking;
-Assembling of what is necessary for the completion;
-Connection with the various electrical, pneumatic use or other;
-Adjustment of the equipment ;( levels; running way of the motors;
-Idling test of the equipment.
What above-mentioned produces the subscription of the installation end certificate.

8. Training:
It is the training phase for the customer’s personnel for 15-20 days.

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