YUNTIAN Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001:2008 certified slag processing equipment manufacturer, based in China. Aside from various types of slag stopping product for steel converter, we also offer the high performance slag dart dispatching machine for effective slag treatment. Our annual production capacity now amounts to 120 slag dart dispatching machines and 1.5 million sets of slag darts.

Our independently developed slag dart dispatching device features advanced technical indexes, dependable performance, and safe operation. With a hit rate of 99% or greater and a maximum positioning error of ±10mm, the actual success rate of slag stoppage is guaranteed to be greater or equal to 96%. This allows the slag layer to be controlled arbitrarily in the effective range of 10 to 50mm, depending on the specific production needs of the steel type.

YUNTIAN has made major contributions to the domestic iron and steel industry. Proper regulation of sulfur and phosphorus content in the converter steelmaking process produces high-grade molten steel, raising alloy yields while limiting slag byproducts. This highly beneficial procedure can effectively utilize slag for furnace protection and aid in the complete draining of molten steel.

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